Kristin’s well-rounded approach to Ayurveda addresses every aspect of wellness and self-care. From her classes and workshops to her one-on-one consultations and incredible bodywork, you will be supported of from head to toe. Kristin meets you where you are on your health journey and combines ancient wisdom with everyday reality to help you reach your unique goals. As a regular client, I have learned invaluable knowledge that has helped me maintain a self-care practice and reach a higher state of well-being. Kristin’s encouraging and thoughtful approach will leave you feeling nourished body, mind, and soul and I highly recommend working with her!


Schedule an Abhyanga treatment with Kristin Londergan – it’s the nicest thing you can do for yourself. It’s like a massage, only gentler. And oilier. I’ve had many massages over the years, but I’ve never had one as calming and meditative as abhyanga. Kristin will relax your body, quiet your mind, and basically send you into a half-conscious state (and BONUS: your skin will positively glow for the next 24 hours.) I’ve already gone back for round 2 and so should you.


Kristin provides an amazing adventure in every practice that I have taken part of with her. We began our journey with Ayurveda where she has taught me so much about natural healing through foods and mindful meditations. Kristin introduced me to Abhyanga, Tai Chi, and Yoga Nidra, all of which have helped me to manage the stressors of life. Kristin is also my private yoga instructor. Recently I experienced  Shirodara which was a totally awesome experience that everyone should try!  I can not wait to go back for another session! Kristin has solutions for whatever needs I have and I always leave feeling so peaceful , positive, relaxed and looking forward to our next session! 


Kristin is absolutely phenomenal in her practice. My mom and sister introduced me to her for restorative yoga and a session of Shirodhara. They were both very powerful experiences. I came to her for help with anxiety, stress, and all forms of healing. I feel that both sessions truly captured everything I was looking for and much more. Kristin is very warm and welcoming. Her aura is so positive and radiates her passion of Ayurveda. I would highly recommend her to everyone and I cannot wait to continue working with her.